Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join the program

1.    What can I do to join the Loyalty program “CCB Club”?
To participate in the Loyalty program “CCB Club”, it is necessary to request your club card at a branch of Central Cooperative Bank, at any of the merchants in the program, at free phone number *5050 or at

2.    What is my benefit as a participant in CCB Club?

Participating in CCB Club, you join the greatest Loyalty program in Bulgaria! With it you benefit you’re your purchases at really big merchants - LUKOIL, Bulgaria Air, Armeec and A1. You enjoy exceptional rebates:

  • Upon refueling at LUKOIL petrol stations – 3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for gas
  • For a ticket from Bulgaria Air – 5%
  • For an insurance policy from Armeec – 5%
  • You communicate freely and have rebates from A1
  • For a bus ticket from Etap-Adress and Grup plus - 10%

3.    I am not a client of CCB. Can I order a card?
There is no problem first to order your card and then to become a client of CCB. You will be able to receive points, after you comply with the minimum requirements.

4.    Do I have to pay for the issuance of the club card and where can I pick it up from?
The issuance and use of the club card “CCB Club” is free of charge to you. You can receive personally your card and PIN at a CCB branch. You specify at which branch of CCB you want to receive your card upon the card order. If you fill in a card application on paper, we will contact you on the phone to specify which branch is most convenient for you to receive your card.
5.    How long does it take for my card to be ready?
Your club card will be ready 6 work days after you order it at CCB, at any of the merchants, on the Internet or on the phone. If you complete a card application at LUKOIL or during a flight with Bulgaria air, first we will call you for confirmation and the card will be ready 6 work days after the call.

6.    I requested my card. What do I have to do, in order to start collecting points?
In order to start collecting points upon your purchases at the merchants, it is necessary to comply with one of the four requirements:

  • To receive your salary on an account with CCB
  • To use a loan or credit card from CCB
  • To have card Debit MasterCard "CCB - A1"
  • To have a credit balance of at least BGN 20 on accounts with the Bank.


The account balance is not restricted – you can at any time use it and again credit the amount to your account.  

How to accumulate and spend points

7.    How do I receive rebates with my club card “CCB Club”?
When you buy a Bulgaria Air ticket, conclude an insurance policy with Armeec or refuel at LUKOIL, show your club card. You receive preferences from A1.

8.    What do I pay for upon the purchase of a good or service at the merchants?
When you make a purchase at any of the merchants in the Program, you pay the whole amount of the purchase. You receive the rebate as bonus points to your club card.

9.    How to pay a purchase and to receive points for it?
Present your club card upon the payment. You choose how to pay – cash, with a money transfer or with your bank card from Central Cooperative Bank. With each your CCB debit or credit card you receive points upon shopping at the merchants. You receive no points, only if you pay with a card from another bank.

10.    Where can I go shopping with the points, collected by me?
The gathered points you may use to buy a good or service, chosen by you, at any of the merchants in the Program. One point is equal to one stotinka. With the points you may pay for a part of the purchase. The minimum purchase with points is at the amount of BGN 5, i.е. 500 points.

11.    How is the payment with points realized?
In order to make purchases at any of the merchants, using your gathered points, you have to present your club card. The payment is made at a POS terminal, analogous to the payment with a bank card, whereas you enter the PIN at the POS. In single cases the payment is made, whereas you sign a ticket for the purchase and present an identity document.

12.    I have accumulated points on my club card, but they are not sufficient to make a purchase?
You may use your accumulated points to pay a part of the purchase. The only requirement is the payment with points to be for not less than BGN 5. The remaining part you may pay cash, via a debit or credit card.  

13.    Within what time period can I use my bonus points?
The points have a validity of up to 3 years. You may use the points, accumulated in a given calendar year, as late as the end of the second year after the points accrual. For example, the points gathered in 2011, you have to use by the end of 2013.
The validity of the points is not related to the validity of your card “CCB Club”. The card is valid 3 years. With the expiry of the validity term of your card, you do not lose your bonus points – they will be accessible with your new card.

14.    At the moment I do not comply with the requirements to receive points. What can I do?
In order to collect points upon your purchases at the merchants, you must comply with one of the following requirements: to receive your salary on an account with CCB, to use a loan or credit card of CCB or to have a credit balance at least BGN 20 with the Bank. If at the moment you comply with none of them, you cannot accumulate points to your club card, but only to use the points gathered by you so far. Up to one month after you comply with any of the above requirements, you will be able to gather points upon your purchases.

Rebates from LUKOIL

15.    How can I receive points from LUKOIL?
Refuel at any of the petrol stations of LUKOIL, bearing the logo of CCB Club. In CCB Club there participate almost all petrol stations of LUKOIL.
The rebate is valid upon refueling petrol, diesel or gas. Show your club card before paying the bill, in order to have your rebate.

16.    Can I buy other goods from LUKOIL and obtain points?
Yes. It is no problem in one bill to pay at the same time fuel and other goods and you will receive your rebate for fuel. Points for the other goods are not calculated. If you refuel the car of your friend or relative, you will also receive bonus points.

17.    Can I get points from LUKOIL and obtain an invoice?
Yes. Upon each refueling, for which you obtain points, an invoice is issued to you. It must be in your name, because the CCB Club card is personal.

18.    What can I buy with points from the petrol stations of LUKOIL?
With the collected bonus points you can buy not only fuel, but all the other goods, offered in the petrol stations LUKOIL. You can make the purchase at each of the petrol stations, bearing the logo of CCB Club.

19.    Can I receive bonus points and enjoy other rebates from LUKOIL?
No. As a member of CCB Club you have the exceptionally advantageous rebate of 3% upon refueling petrol or diesel and 2% upon refueling gas and you cannot enjoy at the same time other rebates.

20.    Is there any limit in the quantity of fuel, for which I receive a rebate from LUKOIL?
No. Refuel petrol, diesel or gas from LUKOIL as much as you want. You may refuel more than one car.

Rebates from Bulgaria Air

21.    Where can I buy an airplane ticket for “Bulgaria Air” and obtain some points?

22.    What can I do to receive a rebate from Bulgaria Air?
In order to obtain points from Bulgaria Air, it is necessary upon booking the airplane ticket or when you check in for the flight at the airport, to specify the number of your club card. If you make your booking at, specify the number of your club card in the field “Frequent Flyer Number”.

23.    Is there any limit in the number of airplane tickets for which I receive points?
No. You can receive points for an unlimited number of your tickets from Bulgaria Air. It is important your name in Latin upon booking the airplane ticket to coincide with the name, specified by you at CCB according to international passport. You cannot receive points for the tickets of other people.

24.    Can I receive bonus points and enjoy other rebates from Bulgaria Air?
Upon purchasing a ticket from Bulgaria Air with a credit card “Visa CCB-Bulgaria Air” от from CCB, you benefit twice. You receive not only the bonus points under CCB Club, but also 3% rebate of the full ticket price, if the ticket is purchased on the territory of Bulgaria or via The two rebates are deducted from the full ticket price, including the airport fees.
If you participate in the Bulgaria Air Loyalty Program – FLY MORE, for each flight you can choose whether to receive miles or bonus points for CCB Club.

25.    I used the services of Bulgaria Air, but I missed to specify the number of my club card. Can I receive a rebate?
You can receive points even if you have missed to specify the number in your club card. Turn to the office of Bulgaria Air or an office of CCB. Specify the number of the ticket, the date and destination of the flight. Present your club card and the rebate will be applied.
It is important when the flight is over, to have participated in CCB Club and not more than one year to have elapsed from the flight.

26.    I bought a ticket from Bulgaria Air, but the rebate was not deducted.
You receive points for each flight of Bulgaria Air, i.е. the number of the ticket starts with 623 and the flight has been registered in the ticket with the airplane company code – FB.
The points for the purchased airplane ticket will be calculated on your club card up to 5 days after the flight. If the flight is in the two directions, first a rebate will be calculated for the one direction, and after the end of the return flight, the respective points will be calculated.

Rebates from Armeec

27.    For how many insurance policies from Armeec do I receive points?
If within one calendar year, you make more than 10 insurance policies with Armeec, you will receive rebates from the amounts of the first 10 insurance policies. You receive bonus points if you conclude an insurance policy with Armeec for your relative or friend.
You receive the rebate if you pay the insurance policy in installments. You have new points after payment of each installment, for which you present your club card. For one calendar year you pay receive bonus points for 10 insurance policies, respectively for 10 insurance policy installments.

28.    For which insurance policies from Armeec do I receive points?
For insurance policies, which are for individuals – Casko, protected home, etc.

29.    Where can I conclude an insurance policy with Armeec and receive points?
To receive bonus points, the insurance policy has to be concluded at any of the offices of Armeec or the branches of CCB. You must show your CCB Club card, so that they enter its number in the insurance policy. Show your card upon each installment, if the insurance policy is in installments.

30.    Can I receive bonus points and enjoy other rebates from Armeec?
Yes. The CCB Club points accrue on the net amount of the insurance policy, after deducting all other rebates from Armeec.

Rebates from A1


More about the club cards

37.    Does it matter the logo of which merchant is on my club card?
On the face of your card there are two logos – of CCB Club and of one of the merchants, participating in CCB Club. If you order your card at any of the merchants, the card will bear the trader’s logo.If you order your card at the branches of CCB, on the phone or on the Internet, you can choose the logo of the merchant on the face of your card.
The rebates you receive do not depend on the logo of the merchant on the face of the card.

38.    Is the CCB Club card a bank card?
“CCB Club” is a club card; it is not a bank card. This means that you can use it only at the merchants, included in CCB Club and not for cash withdrawals.
The card has a PIN, which you use, when you spend the points or check the card balance at POS at a merchant. The card has a validity term of 3 years. It is specified on the face of the card in the format month /year.

39.    Can I change the PI N of my card?
Yes, you can change the PIN of your club card at any ATM of CCB. We recommend to you to change it immediately, when you receive your card.

40.    Can I use the card at an ATM?
The CCB Club card is used only for shopping at the merchants, included in the program and is not used for cash withdrawal. At a CCB ATM you can only change your PIN.

41.    What can I do, if they steal my card?
If you lose your card or if someone steals your card, immediately call at CCB at the 24-hour phones: 02/ 9266 500 or 0889 934 694. The card will be blocked to prevent any abuses. Never keep your card together with the PIN.

42.    I have a standard card from Loyalty program “CCB Club”. How can I receive a Silver or Golden card?
In order to obtain a Silver card, it is necessary to have at least BGN 2000 on accounts with CCB or to use a CCB credit product at a value at least BGN 2000. The requirement for a golden card is to have at least BGN 20 000 on accounts with CCB or to use a CCB credit product at a value at least BGN 20 000.
If you have requested your card “CCB Club” at CCB, we automatically issue you a card of a greater class, when you comply with the respective requirements. If your card has been ordered at a merchant, on the phone or on the Internet, it is necessary to state at a branch of CCB your desire to receive your silver or golden card.

43.    What do I benefit with the Silver or Golden card?
If you have a Silver or Golden card CCB Club, in the future you will have access to bank products from CCB under preferential conditions.

If you have more questions or need additional information, you can call *5050 and obtain information at each branch of the Bank.