Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join the program

1.     What can I do to register my company in the CCB Club Loyalty Program?

You can add your company in the Program by making a online registration, also in any CCB office, or by calling 0800 11 400 free of charge, or by filling a form in any office of LUKOIL or Bulgaria Air.


2.     What will be the advantages if I register my company in CCB Club?

As a CCB Club member, your company will be part of the major loyalty program in Bulgaria! You can benefit from your company purchases from two major companiesLUKOIL and Bulgaria Air. You can enjoy exclusive discounts for companies:

    • In LIKOIL filling stations–3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for LPG
    • For a Bulgaria Air ticket– 5%


3.     I have no company bank accounts in CCB. Can I join and register my company in CCB Club?
You can register your company in CCB Club, and open an account in any bank office and request club cards for your employees. You can add bonus points for your corporate purchases according to the minimal requirements.


4.     Is it the company owner the only person allowed to have a corporate club card? Can I request company club cards for my employees as well?
Yes, you can request up to 10 cards for your corporate registration in CCB Club.


5.     How much do I have to pay for corporate Club cards and where can I get them from?
CCB Club are issued and used free of charge. You can make request for Corporate club cards and collect them in any CCB office. Each club card has a PIN code, for security payments. The PIN code may be changed by the club card holder at any CCB cash machine.


6.     How long does it take to issue corporate club cards?
The club cards shall be ready at latest 6 working days in case they have been requested in any CCB office or by phone. In case you fill the registration form in a LUKOIL filling  station or in a Bulgaria Air office, we are going to call you for confirmation, and the cards will be ready in 6 working days after the confirmation call. You can register your company online, but the request for corporate cards for you and your employees has to be made in a CCB office.


7.     I have made a registration and I have received the club cards. When do I start collecting bonus points?

In order to add bonus points from your corporate purchases from the partners, you should meet at least one of the following conditions:

·         Use a CCB loan or a CCB credit card for at least 10 000 leva for your company

·         At least 10 000 leva in your corporate CCB account. The amount in your corporate CCB account will not be blockedyou can operate the funds at any moment.

How to collect and how to use bonus points

8.    How can I get discounts with corporate club cards?
When purchasing flight ticket for a business trip with Bulgaria Air  or filling company car in LUKOIL filling station, please provide your corporate club cards before payment.


9.     How do I receive the discount?
The club cardholder should pay the entire purchase price and the discount is accumulated as bonus points in the corporate CCBClub account.


10.  What is CCB Club Corporate Account?

The bonus points added during payments at LUKOIL and Bulgaria Air are accumulated in the so called CCBClub Corporate Account. This is not a Bank account. It is needed to accumulate the bonus points from corporate purchases. You can have only one CCB Club Corporate Account per registration, irrespective of how many corporate club cards have been issued. All club cards at your corporate registration will add bonus points in your CCB Club Corporate Account in the Program.


11.  Does is matter how you pay for a corporate purchase to get bonus points?
In order to add bonus points, the purchase has to paid in cash, by bank transfer or CCB debit or credit card. No bonus points shall be added only when the corporate purchase has been paid with a bank card issued by another bank.


12.  Where can I shop with the bonus points collected in my CCB Club Corporate Account?
The bonus points collected in your CCB Club Corporate Account can be used for purchasing any good or service from LUKOIL and Bulgaria Air. One point is equal to 0.01 leva. With the bonus points you can pay also part of the purchase. The minimal purchase with bonus points is 5 leva, i.e. 500 bonus points.


13.  Who can use the bonus points?

Every corporate cardholder registered at your company can add bonus points in your CCB Club Corporate Account. I decide who can use the bonus points. You can allow at any time a specific employee with a corporate club card to make payments with bonus points from the CCB Club Corporate Account and make changes.


14.  How to make payment with corporate club card?
In order to use bonus points when shopping in LUKOIT or Bulgaria Air, the cardholder has to provide his corporate card for scan. The  payment will be made by POS Terminal, same as paying by credit/debit card, and the terminal will request the customer to input their PIN number. In some cases the payment may be effectuated by signing a bill after presentation of identity paper.


15.  My CCB Club Corporate Account has accumulated bonus points but not enough to pay for a purchase?
With the bonus points you can pay only part of the purchase, for at least 5 leva. The rest of the due sum may be paid in cash, or by debit or credit cardIn a LUKOIL filling station you can also make a partial payment when purchasing fuel or other goods.


16.  How long bonus points in my CCBClub Corporate Account are valid?
Your points remain valid for 3 years. Bonus points collected through any calendar year are usable at latest till the end of the second year after the day they have been added. I.e. points collected in 2013 must be used until the end of 2015.
The bonus points validity  is irrelevant to the CCB Club Corporate card's validity. A Corporate CCB Club Card remains valid for 3 years. After the end card expires, you will not lose your bonus points in your CCB Club Corporate Account.

17. My company does not meet the CCBClubcriteria at present. What can I do to collect points?
In order to get bonus points from shopping, you have to comply with at least one of the following conditions:


·         Use a loan or CCB credit card for at least 10 000 leva.

·         Provide at least 10 000 leva in your company Bank accounts. The balance remains unblockedyou will be allowed at any time to use your funds and transfer sums.


In case your company temporarily fails to meet any of the abovementioned conditions, you can use the bonus points collected until then, only no new points will be added when shopping. Your corporate purchases will start again earn you points at latest one month after you meet any of the conditions.

Discounts from LUKOIL

18.     How can I earn bonus points from LUKOIL in my CCB Club Corporate Account?
The CCB Club corporate cardholder must provide the card for scan before paying for the fuel. Bonus points from LUKOIL are earned in some of LUKOIL filling stations, with CCB Club logo. Almost all LUKOIL filling stations are CCB Club members. The discount is earned when filling with petrol, diesel or LPG.


19.     Can I buy other goods from LUKOIL and earn bonus points?
Yes, you can. No problem if you pay for fuel and other goods in the same time, the bonus points will be added in your CCB Club Corporate Account for the fuel you've purchased. No bonus points for other goods will be added.


20.     Who can refill the company cars in order to earn bonus points?

You can earn bonus points in your CCB Club Corporate Account when the corporate card is presented by any cardholder. The company must comply with the conditions.


21.     Can I earn bonus points from LUKOIL and receive an invoice?
Yes, you can. When refilling you earn points and an invoice will be issued with your company details on it.


22.     What can I purchase from LUKOIL filling stations?
With your bonus points you can purchase not only fuel but also any other good offered in a LUKOIL filling station. You can use the bonus points for shopping in any LUKOIL filling station with the CCB Club logo.


23.     Can I use other discounts when refilling the company car?
No. As a CCB Club Corporate Member you enjoy the exclusive discounts of 3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for PLG and you have no option for any other discount.


24.     Is there any limitation in the amount of fuel I can fill at a LUKOIL station?
No limitation. You can refill at LUKOIL as many times as you wish.



Discounts from Bulgaria Air

25.  When I go on a business trip, where can I buy Bulgaria Air ticket from in order to earn points?

·         In a any office of Bulgaria Air in Bulgaria and abroad

·         In a tourist agency offering Bulgaria Air tickets

·         In a CCB office

·         Online at


26.  How to earn Bulgaria Air bonus points for my employee's business trip?  

In order to earn points from Bulgaria Air, it is necessary upon booking the airplane ticket or when you check in for the flight at the airport, to specify the number of your club card. If you make your booking online at, please, specify the number of your club card in the field “Frequent Flyer Number”.


27.  Is there any limit in the number of airplane tickets for which I receive points?

No. As CCB Club Corporate Member, you earn points for an unlimited number of your tickets from Bulgaria Air, and the same is valid also for any of your employees with a card, registered within your company registration in CCB Club. It is important your name in Latin upon booking the ticket to coincide with the name, specified by you at CCB according to international passport..


28.  Can I earn bonus points for my company and use other discounts with Bulgaria Air?
When you purchase you Bulgaria Air ticket with Visa CCB-Bulgaria Air credit card you earn two bonuses. You earn CCB Club bonus points and also 3% discount from the full ticket price, in case  the ticket is purchased on the territory of Bulgaria or online at Both discounts are added on the full ticket price, including taxes.

29.  We used Bulgaria Air services for a business trip but I didn't specify the CCB Club card number. Can I earn bonuses?
You can earn points even if the passenger failed to register his card number. Please contact ay Bulgaria Air office or CCB office. Please provide the ticket number, date and destination to earn bonus points.
Important: your company has to be CCB Club Member and the flight has been made not more that a year before.

30.   I have purchased Bulgaria Air ticket for a business trip and no discount has been registered

You can earn bonus points for any flight operated by Bulgaria Air, i.e. the ticket number starts with the digits 623 and the flight has been registered in the ticket with the airplane company code – FB.

The points will be added at latest 5 days after the flight. In case of return ticket, after the outbound flight you can collect the bonus points for the respective distance. The rest of the points will be collectible after the return flight. Bonus points will be collected for each Bulgaria air flight, i.e. the ticket number starts with the digits 623 and the flight number contains the Airline code– FB.

More details about CCB Club Cards

31.  How important is the merchants' logo on the Corporate CCB Club cards?
There are two logos on one side of the card - CCB Club and one of the dealers providing CCB Club bonus points LUKOIL and Bulgaria Air. In case you fill a registration form in one of their offices, your cardholders' cards will be issued with the same logo. You can chose your CCB Club cards,if you make a request in any bank office or on the phone.


The discounts are assigned irrespectively of the dealer's logo on the card.


32.  Can I have different logos on each of my corporate cards?

Yes. Some of your corporate CCB Club cards can have LUKOIL's logo and some Bulgaria Air's.


33.  Are CCB Club cards Bank cards?
CCB Club
cards, issued to cardholders registered with your corporate registration are not Bank cards. These are Club cards and can be used for payments only with dealers and merchants members of CCB Club, providing discounts. With your corporate CCB Club cards you can not withdraw cash.
Each card has its own PIN, and it should be input when payment with bonus points is made or when you check the balance at a POS terminal.


34.  Can I change the PIN as Corporate CCB Club cardholder?
Yes, you can change the PIN at any CCB cashpoint /ATM/. We recommend to change the PIN immediately after your card has been delivered.


35.  Can I use corporate CCB Club cards at a cashpoint /ATM/?
You can use CCB Club Corporate Cards only for shopping at the merchants included in the Program who offer bonuses. The CCB Club cards can not be used to withdraw cash. You can only change the PIN at a CCB cashpoint /ATM/.


36.  What to do in case my CCB Club card is stolen?
You have to call immediately CCB at: 02/ 926 65 00 or 0889 934 694 /24h service/ in case the CCB Club card is stolen or lost. The card will be blocked in order to prevent any misuse. You must never hold the card and its PIN together.



If you have any questions or need more information, please call: 0800 11 400 and any CCB office.