Discounts from the BM Market chain of stores


You get a 3% discount with your CCB Club Card now at BM Market! Present your club card at the cash point when you pay for your purchase at a BM Market store marked with the CCB Club sticker and the discount will be added in the form of bonus points by the merchant’s employee.


At the cash point you pay the full purchase price and a few minutes later the discount will be added on your club card.


With the points collected on your CCB Club Card you can pay for a new purchase at the BM Market stores. If the points collected are not enough to pay for the entire purchase, you can pay only a part of it, as long as it is at least BGN 5.



It is important to know that: 

  • In order to get bonus points for purchases at BM Market stores, you need to present your club card when paying for the purchase.
  • You will get points for your purchase at the BM Market stores if you in cash or by CCB debit or credit cards. If you pay using a bank card of another bank, you will not get bonus points.
  • You will get a discount if you make your purchase at a BM Market store marked with the CCB Club sticker.
  • You will receive bonus points for all your purchases at the BM Market stores other than tobacco products.
  • You can get points even for promotional items for which it is not explicitly specified that the promotional price may not be combined with other discounts.
  • The CCB Club discount may not be combined with other cards that entitle you to a discount at BM Market.


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