Check your points


You can check how many bonus points you have earned in your CCB ClubCorporate Account and the operations made with your corporate club cards:


·       Check your bonus pointsсвоите chose Available points and purchases. For Username write the your corporate EIK /unified registration number/. Your Internet password is written on the small card received from the Bank. You can see all the available points and also all purchases made by all your corporate cardspurchases paid with bonus points and purchases that earned you points. You can change your Internet password if you wish.


·       Cardholders to legal personyou can add new cardholders, you can check the movements on your cards for each cardholder registered with your company.


·       Card movementsIn Card Movementsyou will be informed about all operations made on the CCB Club card - points added and payments made with points.


·       At CCByou can get information about the available points on your CCB Card Corporate Account and all movements on the cardholders 'cards registered with your company.


·       At the merchantsyou can also check the availability of bonus points with the CCBClubPartners. You can check at the POS Terminals and it is available only for those cardholders with corporate club cards who are allowed to use the collected points for new purchases