Rebates from Frant

Be stylish with Frant and CCB Club! Take advantage and get 10 % with every purchase in Frant stores. The rebate accrues on your club card CCB Club in the form of bonus points in every store of Frant.
Show your club card every time you buy in Frant stores. An employee of the company will add the bonus points at the moment of purchase. Upon the purchase you pay the full price, and the points accrue on your club card in a few minutes.
The collected points you may use to buy new goods at all partners in CCB Club. You may use your collected points to pay a part of the purchase. The only requirement is the payment with points to be for not less than BGN 5.
It is important to know that:
  • Always show your club card at the moment of purchase. Bonus points accrue on your CCB Club card in the moment of purchasing goods.
  • Adding of bonus points on your club card is happening on a POS terminal by an employee of the company. You should know your club card PIN code, in order to enter it on the POS terminal when the transaction of accruing bonus points is made. 
  • You choose how to pay for the purchase to receive points - cash, via money transfer or with your bank card of CCB. With each your CCB debit or credit card you receive points at Frant.
  • You could shop at Frant as many times as you wish - you will receive bonus points for each of your purchases there.
  • At Frant stores you can pay your purchase with bonus points only if you have enough bonus points for all purchase. If you buy more than one good, you can pay part of price, but the bonus points in your CCB Club card must be enough to pay one good at least.
  • If you pay a part of the purchase with points, new points accrue on the remaining amount. Only if you pay with bonus points the whole purchase, you do not get new points.