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Become part of CCB Club – the biggest Loyalty program in Bulgaria! With it you benefit from your purchases at really big merchants - LUKOIL, Bulgaria Air, Armeec,, Etap-Adress, Grup plus, COOP supermarkets, Grand Optics, Joy Optics, A1, Frant, BM Market supermarkets and Hush Puppies. Enjoy your exceptional rebates:

  • Upon refueling at LUKOIL petrol stations – 3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for gas.

When buying ecto fuel, you get even higher discount:
- For CCB Club Silver Card - 3.5%;
- For CCB Club Gold Card - 4%;

  • For a ticket from Bulgaria Air5%
  • When paying for a vacation, cruise, rent-a-car, hotel at POSOKA.COM you get:


    - if you hold a CCB Club Standard Card - 3%;
    - for holders of CCB Club Silver Card - 4%;
    - for holders of CCB Club Gold Card - 5%;

  • Upon a purchase at Homemax - 5%;
  • For a bus ticket from Etap-Adress and Grup plus - 10%
  • Upon a purchase at COOP supermarkets - 3%
  • Upon a purchase at Grand Optics and Joy Optics - 20%
  • For an insurance policy from Armeec - 5%
  • Upon a purchase at BM Market supermarkets - 3%
  • You communicate freely and have rebates from A1
  • Upon a purchase at Frant men`s fashion - 10%
  • Upon a purchase at Hush Puppies - 5%


Join the program,  claiming your club card online, at the branches of Central Cooperative Bank, at the merchants’ shops or at free phone number *5050.

Your club card is necessary to you, to receive the rebates from the merchants at CCB Club. The rebates are in the form of bonus points, which you receive on your club card. You use the points collected by you for new purchases at the merchants.


Your benefits, if you join CCB Club: 

  • Preferential rebates – you receive preferential rebates from LUKOIL, Bulgaria Air, Armeec,, Etap-Adress, Grup plus, COOP supermarkets, Grand Optics, Joy Optics, A1, Frant, BM Market supermarkets and Hush Puppies. You become part of the first Loyalty program in Bulgaria with such big and famous partners!
  • Your purchases bring you money – the more you shop at the merchants, the more rebates you enjoy.
  • Free choice:
    • How do you pay – you choose the method of payment, in order to receive your rebate – cash or with your bank card of Central Cooperative Bank
    • How do you use the points – you decide when to use the points, for what purpose and at which merchants in CCB Club
    • How much do you pay with points – it is not necessary to have collected points for the whole purchase at a merchant of CCB Club. With bonus points you can pay a part of the purchase, and the remaining amount to pay cash, with a debit or credit card.
  • Free of charge – the issuance and use of the club card “CCB Club” is free of charge for you
  • Expect even more – the family of CCB Club will grow up, expect soon more famous merchants, from which you will receive attractive rebates.


In order to enjoy rebates at the merchants
In order to receive points upon your purchases at the merchants, it is necessary to comply with one of the four requirements:

  • To receive your salary at an account with CCB;
  • To have a loan or credit card from CCB;
  • To have card Debit MasterCard "CCB - A1";
  • Or just have an active account with CCB.


Claim your club card, even if you are not a client of CCB. You may open an account with the Bank, when you receive your card “CCB Club” at a branch of CCB.
If temporarily you do not comply with any of the four requirements, you can use the points collected so far, but you will not receive new points upon your purchases at the merchants. Within one month, after you comply with any of the requirements, again you will start receiving new points at the merchants.


You choose the looks of your card
If you join the program at any of the merchants in CCB Club, your card will bear the logo of this merchant. You can choose yourself
the looks of your club card, if you request it at a bank branch, on the phone or on the Internet.


When and where you receive the card?
Your club card will be ready within 6 working days, after you order it at CCB, at any of the merchants, on the Internet or on the phone. If you fill in an application for a card at LUKOIL or during a flight with Bulgaria air, first we will call you for confirmation and the card will be ready 6 work days after the call.

You will receive your club card at a CCB branch, selected by you, together with the PIN and the password for access to the program site. This password is necessary to you to check on the Internet your card balance  at any time.


Upon receiving your card we recommend to you:

  • To make sure that at CCB we have your up to date e-mail and  GSM, so that you do not miss our special offers and the inclusion of interesting new merchants.
  • To change your PIN at any ATM of CCB. The PIN is necessary to you, when you pay with bonus points at the merchants.
  • To specify your name and surname in Latin according to international passport. This is important for you to receive your points for Bulgaria Air tickets.
  • To make sure that you comply with any of the requirements to receive rebates


Even more preferential cards
The rebates at the merchants in the Program you enjoy with each card “CCB Club”. If you want to receive additional preferences in the future, take advantage of our special Silver and Golden card CCB Club.


The requirement to receive a Silver card is to have at least BGN 2000 on accounts with CCB or to use a credit product of CCB for at least BGN 2000. For a Golden card it is necessary to have at least BGN 20 000 on accounts with CCB or to use a credit product of CCB for at least BGN 20 000.


If you have requested your card “CCB Club” at CCB, we automatically issue you a card of a greater class, when you comply with the card requirements. If your card has been ordered at a merchant, on the phone or on the Internet, you need to state your desire at a CCB office to receive a Silver or Golden card.


General terms and conditions
Use your club card in keeping with the General terms and conditions for participation in the program.