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Be part of CCB Clubthe major Loyalty Program in Bulgaria and take advantage of your corporate purchases with LUKOIL and Bulgaria Air. Earn exclusive corporate discounts:

·         Refill at LUKOIL – 3% for petrol and diesel and 2% for LPG;

·         Fly Bulgaria Air – 5%.

Register your company in  the Loyalty Program online, on any Central Cooperative bank office, free call: 0800 11 400or by filling a form in a LUKOIL station of Bulgaria Air office.

Earn discounts as bonus points in your CCBClub Corporate Account. Use collected points for new purchases at LUKOIL or Bulgaria Air.

You and your employees can also earn points. You can register up to 10 cardholders with your company and they all will collect points in your Corporate Account.

CCB Club: what are the advantages:

·         Exclusive discountsearn points when shopping in LUKOIL and Bulgaria Air with no limitations for number of purchases and points. Become part of the first Loyalty Program in Bulgaria with one of the major companies offering exclusive discounts for companies!

·         Your corporate purchases earn you pointsthe more you and your cardholders registered in your company shop, the more points you get in your  CCBClub Corporate Account.

·         Free to choose:

o    Mode of paymentin case, bank transfer or CCB credit/debit card.

o    How to spend the pointswhat and when to pay with points in LUKOIL or Bulgaria Air.

o    You can part-pay with pointsif you don't have enough to pay the full price. You can  part-pay with points and part - in cash or credit/debit card.

·         You can select who is spending the pointsyou can register new cardholders in your corporate CCB Clubaccountonline or in CCB office. You decide if a registered cardholder can spend the collected points for corporate purchases or just collect points for the cimpany.

·         For free–CCB Club cards are issued and used for free.

·         There is more - CCB Club family will grow soon. More famous partners are expected to join the Program and there will be more discounts for you.

How to collect points

In order to collect points in your corporate account from our partners your company should comply with at least one of the following conditions:

·         You're using CCB loan or CCB credit card for at least 10 000 leva.

·         Your company has min. 10,000 leva in its CCB bank accounts. The sums will not be blocked and you can at any moment use refill your accounts.

Register your company in CCBClubeven without Bank account  in CCB. You can register your company as CCB client and open a Bank account in any CCB office when you register your employees 'cards.

In case your company temporarily fails to meet one of the conditions, you can use the points collected but no additional points will be added for further purchases. Your corporate purchases will again earn you points at latest one month after one pf the loyalty conditions is met.

Choose your cards

You can choose your CCB Club cards design when making registration in a CCB office.If you join the Program with LUKOIL or Bulgaria Air, your CCB Club card will have the respective merchant's logo.

 When and how to receive the CCB Club cards?

The Corporate CCB Club cards will be delivered at latest 6 working days after the request has been made by phone or in a CCB officeIf you fill the form in a LIKOUL filling station or in a Bulgaria Air office, you are going to receive a verification call first and the cards will be ready 6 working days after the call. You can register online, but the request for CCB club cards for you and your employees should be made in a CCB office.

You will receive CCB Club cards in a CCB office of your choice. Each cards has a PIN, guaranteeing payment security. You can change the PIN at any CCB cash point /ATM/.

You can receive from the CCB office also the Internet Password  for the Program website. You will need this pass to check online the points availability and manage the cardholders number and status at any time.

Recommended after receiving  the cards:

·         Please make sure to provide to CCB your accurate corporate e-mail and phone numbers for our special offers and new partners.

·         Each Corporate cardholder registered with your company should change the PIN at any CCB cashpoint. The PIN will be needed for payment with bonus points.

·         Please make sure your company complies with the minimal discount conditions.

 General Terms and Conditions


Please read carefully The Program General Terms and Conditions and collect points with CCB Club!