Enjoy rebates


As a participant in CCB Club you benefit from your purchases at really big merchants - LUKOIL, Bulgaria Air, Armeec, A1, Etap-Adress and Grup plus. Take your exceptional rebates – upon refueling at LUKOIL – 3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for gas, for a ticket from Bulgaria Air – 5%, for an insurance policy from Armeec – 5%, you communicate freely and have rebates from A1, for a bus ticket from Etap-Adress and Grup plus - 10%.


The rebates are in the form of bonus points. You receive them on your personal club card “CCB Club”. Order now your club card, if you still do not have any.


Upon a purchase at LUKOIL, Bulgaria Air, Armeec, Etap-Adress and Grup plus, always show your club card “CCB Club”. You receive a rebate from the price of the good or service in the form of bonus points. The more you shop at these merchants, the more bonus points you get.


Upon the purchase you pay the full price, and the points accrue on your club card. You choose the method of payment – cash, with a money transfer or with your bank card from Central Cooperative Bank. With each your CCB debit or credit card you receive points upon shopping at the merchants.


With the collected bonus points from all merchants, you make new purchases at these merchants. You decide when to use the points, for what purpose and at which of the merchants in CCB Club.


You do not have sufficient points for the whole purchase? This is not a problem. With the bonus points you can pay a part of the purchase, as long as the purchase is not below BGN 5. With each bonus point you pay one stotinka of the purchase. The collected points you use for purchases, but not for cash withdrawals.


You rest assured that only you can shop with your club card. With the card you pay at the merchants in CCB Club, entering PIN or signing the slip about the purchase.


How to participate and receive rebates at the merchants with your club card? It is sufficient to be a client of CCB and to comply with one of the minimum requirements. See how to collect and use the points at each of the merchants: 


CCB Club is the first Loyalty program in Bulgaria with such big and famous partners! Shop regularly at the merchants and collect rebates!