Take advantage of Discounts


If you have chosen to register your company as CCB Club Member, you will take advantage of your corporate purchases with major merchantsLUKOILand Bulgaria Air . Take advantage f the exclusive corporate discountswhen filling at LUKOIL  filling stations  - 3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for LPG, and for a Bulgaria Air ticket– 5%.

You will earn discounts under the form of bonus points, added in your CCB Club Corporate Account. Register  online your company as CCB ClubMember and pay a visit to any CCB office to order club cards for your employees and for you.

The cardholder presents his Corporate CCB Club card when shopping at LUKOIL or Bulgaria Air and pays the full purchase price. The discount will be added as bonus points in your CCB Club Corporate Account! The discounts from all corporate purchases made by any of your employees provided with a corporate card will be accumulated in your Corporate Account. The more you shop at these merchants, the more bonus points you get.
You can chose how to pay for the purchasein cash, by bank transfer or CCB Bank card. Any CCB credit/debit card used for payment allows you to collect points.

You can use you points to pay for new purchases from LUKOIL and Bulgaria AIR. You chose when to use them and what to buy..

Not enough points to pay for a purchase? No problem! You can use points as part-payment for an item for min. 5 leva. Each point is worth 1 stotinka.

The You can spend points on purchases  only and not for cash.

How to register your company in CCB Cluband earn discounts? Your company should be CCB client and comply with one of the minimal requirements.   

Collect and spend points with each of the merchants:

·         Discounts from LUKOIL
·         Discounts from Bulgaria Air

CCB Club
is the first Loyalty Program in Bulgaria with such important partners who provide exclusive discounts for our corporate clients! Become regular client of Bulgaria Air and LUKOIL and collect bonus points!